1. Dry ice ALWAYS disappears, even in a freezer!  So whenever possible, buy it the day you’re using it!  Click back and read the FAQ’s for tips on making it last as long as possible. 

2. How much to buy? For a night of cocktails, one 10 lb bag of nuggets, with 1 Misty Stix per person.  For multiple science experiments, filling a room with fog for a couple hours and having leftovers the next day, we’d recommend 20 lbs of nuggets.  For camping and shipping frozen food for several days, the bricks are the best option.

Halloween 2022! 

Today is Halloween!  Sorry, it’s too late to order for delivery today, but feel free to come by for our pick up special: Buy a 10 lb bag of nuggets, get 2 misty stix free!  If you’re not sure what those are, we’ll show you!  

We are open today 8:30-5pm.  Come on by – we make our dry ice here and will out! 

Before placing your order, please read and click button below to acknowledge :

We are currently offering delivery anywhere within Calgary for $15. The following order page will indicate if you are too far away for delivery at all.  


We encourage you to pick it up if you can.  Just come by anytime between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday (closed, holidays and weekends).  

No appointment necessary for orders 100 lbs and under. Please call ahead for larger orders (to avoid wait times). 

We do not deliver the smaller “pellets”, as they are too perishable. 

Nugget and Brick Deliveries 

Your delivery will normally take place sometime between 10am and 2pm, Monday through Friday.   

Our store is closed weekends and holidays (apart from Halloween). Just enter your information and day you’d like it delivered on the ordering page. Unfortunately, same day delivery requests can’t be accommodated at this time.

  • We do not deliver the smaller “pellets”, as they are too perishable.
  • All delivered dry ice is currently pre-pay only through our website, our drivers do not carry cash or debit machines.
  • Please place a cooler on your front step, especially if you are going out.
  • Don’t put your dry ice in the freezer – it will still disappear and the cold temperature may trick your thermostat and turn off your fridge! Camping coolers are the best way to preserve it longer.  Also try to eliminate empty space inside the cooler.
  • Please enter any special instructions/requests in the notes section on the delivery page.
  • Apartments/condos that require buzzers – your dry ice will be left in the lobby if there is no answer.
  • All delivered dry ice is currently pre-pay only through our website, our drivers do not carry cash or debit machines.

NOTE: Calgary Dry Ice is not responsible if you leave the dry ice sitting on the step/lobby and it disappears – we will not provide refunds.


Dry ice is extremely cold (-79 degrees Celsius), so always use gloves or a towel when handling it!  Do not put dry ice in your mouth!

Dry ice converts to carbon dioxide gas. If left in a confined space, the carbon dioxide gas will displace oxygen and present a suffocation hazard.  Do not inhale dry ice vapour.

Do not trap dry ice in a container that is completely airtight (coolers are ok). When dry ice sublimates to carbon dioxide gas, the gas pressure greatly expands. This expansion will cause an airtight container to expand and possibly explode.

Calgary Dry Ice Ltd is not responsible for personal injury or damages of any kind that result from the improper handing or misuse of dry ice sold or given to its customers.